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If you are planning to design your website then you must remember that it’s responsive web design that is most useful nowadays. If you are unaware of the term, then try to remember that do you ever use your smartphone for finding out anything? If yes, then you must have visited a website that looks good on your smartphone.
In the same way, when you watch that website on your laptop or tablets it fits to that too. Thus, responsive web design allows your website to set with any device so that the user can enjoy the website. Now, the question is why is it necessary?

Because Google too loves it

For searching anything most users use Google search engine. And Google also recommends that your website is responsive. It recommends it because the content of a responsive site can be easily designed and shared by others using different devices. So having a responsive website makes your website SEO friendly too.

Increases conversion rate

With a website with responsive web design, you can be sure that your users will be able to see the same website whatever device is being used by them. Nowadays, most people prefer to use their smartphone for searching something. Now, if you have two different templates for two different devices then people will not be able to recognize your site once they view from a different device. Hence, the conversion rate will be low that is high for responsive websites.

Simple to manage

When you have a responsive website you do not have to manage two separate websites, one for general computers and other for mobiles. It is not just hectic but you may make mistakes. Instead, a responsive website is easy and simple to manage and it gives your users a rich experience.

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